Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Using Big Data, Scientists from Berlin University Claim Proof of Global Warming.

Berlin, Germany  -  Scientists today at Berlin University, utilizing big data and analytics to analyze fashion trends over the past few hundred years, have determined that yes, international clothing trends do validate the global warming theory.

"The trend is obvious to the naked eye," states Helmut Friessen, a social climatologist, who has been at Berlin University for over 25 years.   "No one wears the clothing their grandparents wore," he continues, "It just wouldn't be cool.  And I'm talking temperature here!"

Friessen, using the latest in visualization analytical tools,  has also plotted  the historic establishment of nude beaches, both public and private, over the past 100 years.   Without question, there is a definitie pattern indicating that they start out at the equator and have migrated toward the poles over the same time period.  Although more field research must be completed before any concrete conclusions can be made,   "If I were in the fashion industry, I'd start to get worried," Friessen concluded.

You may now consider yourself to be debriefed on the subject of global warming.

April Fools!!!   ;-)